Cannot Be Fixed (ver. 001)

November 16, 2010

A mad genius repeatedly attempts to bring his lover back to life and to a state of perfection. And yet every time she comes back as something less than perfect. Realizing that she can’t be fixed, the madman then chooses to instead remake himself to match the imperfection of his undead lover.

This track includes snippets of “My Happy Ending” by Avril Lavigne and “Stripsearch” by Faith No More.

This track includes samples from the free sound project –


Remember the intro to the first Resident Evil movie? We are introduced (to the sound of a stomping, gritty theme which I love) to this whole underground secret virus lab  where they are producing the T-virus, the ingredient to make zombies, let’s say. Or the Regenerate Commercial? Here it is directly from YouTube to freshen up your memory.

So after that, how would you feel about buying this… uh, Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum, from Avon?

Avon Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum

Avon Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum

Or, as Joystiq puts it:

Via Joystiq

Via Joystiq (click on picture to link there)

But hey, that’s just a strange coincidence. I don’t assume that the folks who design the Avon product packaging ever saw the Resident Evil movie. And then again, I might be assuming too much, and that’s just where they got inspiration from 😛 On the other hand, I wonder if the asset designers for the movies inspired themselves on Avon products. Given that the Avon product was released this year that is seemingly impossible.

Here we have a toy made to the image of a Halo assault rifle. No mistake here folks, it’s quite clear where the inspiration came from.

Via Kotaku (click on picture to link)

Via Kotaku (click on picture to link)

The Halo Plasma Blaster (via IGN)

The Halo Assault Rifle (via IGN)

And last but not least, my own finding. Last month I was walking around the Urfahranermarkt (a seasonal fair in Linz) with my new flatmate Vesela. I couldn’t resist the calling of my inner child and check out the toy stands. And then I saw this.

The Sword of The Great King War Craft

The Sword of The Great King War Craft

I have my doubts as to whether there is a similar item in World of Warcraft. I honestly don’t believe so. But in such an expansive game world, there might surely be something similar. So it’s not really a game asset come to the physical world, it’s a cheesy trick from some cheap toy company. Nevertheless, interesting to note how videogame culture – here represented by something so recent as World of Warcraft – is pervading so many aspects of modern life.

One of the last things I would expect to find at an Urfahranermarkt stand would be The Sword of The Great King War Craft.

Last week I was on vacation. A long-needed, well-deserved one. And boy did I have fun!


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Wolves and Sheep Linz Hauptplatz (small)

…are the highly popular (coughs) Headbang Hero and a revised, trimmed-down version of Wolves and Sheep. Why trimmed-down? Well for starters we have only got two phones for running it and also the tangible map table is getting ditched this time for a traditional screen-and-mouse setup.

With all the attention these require – and I was stubborn enough to write an A* algorithm from scratch for WaS – plus giving a course on C++ and OpenFrameworks and the inescapable project for 80+1 what is left of me, I ask, to sit down and read the numerous books I ordered?

I like having work to do, even if most of it are projects and not income sources, but I’m once again way over my head. What happens to the PhD then? And A Red Fable? And I’m sure I’m forgetting something… my health maybe?

Wait, it’s Sunday, let’s not think about that now… I gotta go clean the bathroom, it’s my turn :\

What a great evening! I guess these Dorkbot meetings should happen more often. Big thanks to Mika Satomi and let’s see if we can keep the spirit alive.

Here you can see Headbang Hero, but you should have seen the other projects… 🙂

Personalized Clementines

March 3, 2009

When you live together with three other people, it seems to be necessary to identify some objects. Sharing a house means sharing a kitchen, which in turn means sharing storage space such as the fridge or the fruit basket.

One approach is to use a permanent marker to draw the first letter of your name on everything from milk packets to frozen pizza. Another approach, for people like me whose brain dances to a really weird tune – for better and for worse – is that personalization can become much more than a mere territorrial pissing.

Scenes From 08

January 4, 2009

I decided to make a small review of last year, as it was quite a good year and has shown me countless times that I need to step up. So I put together some pictures from my Picasa Web Album, partly to force myself to acknowledge my good fortune, places I visited and people I got to know and miss. 

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B-day Preparations

April 4, 2008

Hmm… 48 liters of beer, two bottles of vodka and… are those watermelons?

F***ing in Austria!

March 24, 2008

I knew already that Austria had a lot of Bad places: Bad Ischl, Bad Goisern, Bad Lonfelden or just plain Bad. But someone told me once about this other place… a place whose name is quite self-explanatory.

Fucking - Upper Austria

Liebe Grüße to all the Fucking’ers!

PS: WordPress is starting to suck ass (nice rhyme)… I can’t embed a Google Map in my post!

Lil’ old Puchenau

February 25, 2008

Maybe it was from reading Lovecraft’s “The Haunter of the Dark” (you can too, here) or my as-of-lately foggy mood… ever since I spied that steeple and surrounding village from the vantage point of the Linz Schloss I knew I had to go there. Breaking out of my usual Sunday lethargy, I hopped on my recently repaired and always faithful red Puch bycicle and rode all the way until I could take a picture of both – the bycicle and the church.

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