As I am all the time trying to find references for the upcoming Red Fable project, my friend Inês pointed out this videoclip to me (thank you so much). I was surprised to know that a song I like so much has a Red Riding Hood videoclip. And although (as Marion, who is working with me on Red Fable  said) it’s kind of cliche, it really kicks in at 2:23. Then you get the point, which could be summarized as follows:

Wolf – “Red, what powerful right hook you have!”

Red – “The better to beat the living shit out of you, you sick rapist bastard!!!”

Now that is an interesting twist to the plot 🙂 

The band is Mão Morta (“Dead Hand”) and the song is Cão de Morte (“Dog of Death”). Maybe a Bharghest of sorts? Anyway, screw me if I ever try to figure out lyrics from a guy who names himself as Adolfo Luxuria Canibal… 

As an additional, TMI closing note, all this search for Red Riding Hood stuff is making me start to have Red Riding Hood themed fantasies. Not that I’m particularly ashamed of it though 😛


Noon: Lisa holding the snowglobe

It’s been a long time since I posted the original video from Noon. It is made up from very bad footage I hurriedly shot during the exhibition at the Campus 2.0 Exhibition during Ars Electronica Festival 2007. 

As new version of Noon has been produced and shown at the Long Night of Research, or whatever it’s called – in German it’s Lange Nacht der Forschung and the homepage seems not to have any info whatsoever about Linz.

Anyway, this new version uses a projector and loudspeakers for audiovisual output, a smaller Gauntlet interface and some proper candlestands. So finally I took some time to shoot some footage of it and in a couple of weeks it should be assembled together with a moody soundtrack made by yours truly. This should be an improved version of what is heard throughout the original video.

Many thanks to Lisa for being my model! Besides having made the perfect choice of clothes from your wardrobe, you make everything look prettier 🙂

Third time is the charm. Or so they say.

So we got the camera rolling and shot some footage to assemble a documental video of Headbang Hero

Featuring (free!) music from Kevin MacLeod and Slow Death Factory!

So Desu Ka?

March 16, 2009

One day last Summer I went to a japanese restaurant (Izakaya, in Linz) with Dolore Piqueras. She was an exchange student at Interface Culture, we had been working on our projects to be shown during the Ars Festival and we were damn hungry. So I suggested we try out the mittagsmenu, which is cheap and plentiful but unfortunately doesn’t include any sushi. As we sat inside, there occurred an interesting ZOMG moment which I’ll hardly forget: the moment we found ourselves surrounded by mole-like (that’s what they seemed to me) creatures with big bellies, chubby boobs and proudly displaying prominent testicles.

From Wikipedia

From Wikipedia

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After running the autoplay installer and choosing to install, the setup program just dies without complaint.

It seems there may be several different reasons for this, and consequently different ways to get it working. The one which worked for me was

  1. writing “regsvr32 jscript.dll” on the console (which gave me an error, but maybe somehow it still did the trick, I honestly don’t know) 
  2. then running “Adobe CS3\Setup.exe” from the DVD on the console. I eventually got “End Adobe Setup. Exit Code: 0” and after a few seconds the installer popped up and everything else went well.


Last Friday I went with a friend to a couple of venues of the Next Comic festival in Linz. We seem to have missed the whole opening party shebang at the LKZ Ursulinenhof by more than a few hours, but I guess that I still got to see what I was menat to see: the Xoth! comic panels by Anna-Maria Jung. As I was passing by these, a quick glance triggered the “Cthulhu Mythos” part of my brain, and my gaze was instantly diverted to gaze at the cartoony Yen Niggurath…

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Wolves and Sheep Linz Hauptplatz (small)

…are the highly popular (coughs) Headbang Hero and a revised, trimmed-down version of Wolves and Sheep. Why trimmed-down? Well for starters we have only got two phones for running it and also the tangible map table is getting ditched this time for a traditional screen-and-mouse setup.

With all the attention these require – and I was stubborn enough to write an A* algorithm from scratch for WaS – plus giving a course on C++ and OpenFrameworks and the inescapable project for 80+1 what is left of me, I ask, to sit down and read the numerous books I ordered?

I like having work to do, even if most of it are projects and not income sources, but I’m once again way over my head. What happens to the PhD then? And A Red Fable? And I’m sure I’m forgetting something… my health maybe?

Wait, it’s Sunday, let’s not think about that now… I gotta go clean the bathroom, it’s my turn :\

What a great evening! I guess these Dorkbot meetings should happen more often. Big thanks to Mika Satomi and let’s see if we can keep the spirit alive.

Here you can see Headbang Hero, but you should have seen the other projects… 🙂

Personalized Clementines

March 3, 2009

When you live together with three other people, it seems to be necessary to identify some objects. Sharing a house means sharing a kitchen, which in turn means sharing storage space such as the fridge or the fruit basket.

One approach is to use a permanent marker to draw the first letter of your name on everything from milk packets to frozen pizza. Another approach, for people like me whose brain dances to a really weird tune – for better and for worse – is that personalization can become much more than a mere territorrial pissing.

Game Objects I

March 1, 2009

In line with the previous post, let me attempt to start a small catalogue of real-life objects in which we may perceive influences of video games. This is the first attempt and let’s see if I can keep it up. Since my research interests lie in this direction I can only benefit from pinning down references to these manifestations of gaming culture. 

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