Cannot Be Fixed (ver. 001)

November 16, 2010

A mad genius repeatedly attempts to bring his lover back to life and to a state of perfection. And yet every time she comes back as something less than perfect. Realizing that she can’t be fixed, the madman then chooses to instead remake himself to match the imperfection of his undead lover.

This track includes snippets of “My Happy Ending” by Avril Lavigne and “Stripsearch” by Faith No More.

This track includes samples from the free sound project –


As I am all the time trying to find references for the upcoming Red Fable project, my friend Inês pointed out this videoclip to me (thank you so much). I was surprised to know that a song I like so much has a Red Riding Hood videoclip. And although (as Marion, who is working with me on Red Fable  said) it’s kind of cliche, it really kicks in at 2:23. Then you get the point, which could be summarized as follows:

Wolf – “Red, what powerful right hook you have!”

Red – “The better to beat the living shit out of you, you sick rapist bastard!!!”

Now that is an interesting twist to the plot 🙂 

The band is Mão Morta (“Dead Hand”) and the song is Cão de Morte (“Dog of Death”). Maybe a Bharghest of sorts? Anyway, screw me if I ever try to figure out lyrics from a guy who names himself as Adolfo Luxuria Canibal… 

As an additional, TMI closing note, all this search for Red Riding Hood stuff is making me start to have Red Riding Hood themed fantasies. Not that I’m particularly ashamed of it though 😛

Third time is the charm. Or so they say.

So we got the camera rolling and shot some footage to assemble a documental video of Headbang Hero

Featuring (free!) music from Kevin MacLeod and Slow Death Factory!

Credit the post’s title to Declan Patton and Andrew McIntosh, who published their research on the adverse effects of headbanging on December 2008.

This is no joke, ladies and gentlemen, this is a serious study on “the risks of mild traumatic brain injury and neck injury associated with head banging”. This concerns me, as occasional headbanger (there has to be some purpose to my long hair) and I was eager to know the conclusions of this study. 


"Head banging tempo v the Head Injury Criteria (HIC) for various head and neck ranges of motion (45° to 120°). Abbreviated injury scale thresholds indicated as horizontal lines." Taken from BMJ 2008;337:a2825


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Guitar… Regular Guy?

January 11, 2009

With so many people bashing Guitar Hero and Rock Band for not actually teaching to play real instruments, it would be inevitable that developers would attempt at making a version using real instruments. Video: The Holy Grail of Music Gaming

There is also LittleBigStar, with the premise to “play games with music instruments / make music by gaming”.

And then there is the Tomy Air Guitar Pro, which I acquired in Japan. It deserves a post all of itself, but here is an interesting one nevertheless.

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Denimcode can be put basically as a concept of using 2D barcodes in clothing, more precisely jeans. As far as I can tell it has no apparent innovation in the sense that the interaction and flow of information is basically what has been done so far: you take a picture of one such mark with your mobile device, which links it to media content remotely hosted.

But what’s really funny is… well, look at the picture. Just look at it.

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Systematic Chaos

May 31, 2007

As a Dream Theater fan it’s a real hed-banging pleasure to hear their latest album Systematic Chaos. Some prog’ified trash-metal riffs kind of remebre me of Metallica sometimes… until the truly prog stuff comes in and James LaBrie starts singing. What has gotten into these people to make such a ballsy, dark album? It’s always hard to pick a favoritesong or album and this one makes it even harder… my favourite album so far had been Scenes From a Memory. After this, I’m quite not sure anymore, really.

But better than that just sitting here, mouth agape, listening to such a treat is to have a ticket for their gig here in Linz. I will possibly run full gamut between a histerical fanboy and a hard-core headbanger at the concert, believe me. I just hope no one is taking pictures 🙂

Ever since I was around 14 I’ve been somewhat serious about playing keyboards and nowadays I can’t imagine myself without one for too long. Shortly after coming to Linz, my father sent me my M-Audio MIDI controller. Although severely limited in hardware – I run the VST host (Ableton Live Lite) on my laptop – I keep playing and having fun at it; but over time it gets frustrating to play alone.

One day my Brazilian colleague Ricardo suggested starting a band with Interface Culture students. I must admit being skeptical at first, but after we held our first jam session yesterday I must say I’m more of the opposite now.

The first Interface Culture Jam Session took place yesterday at the Lab with Andreas Weixler (guitar),  Se-Lien Chuang (keyboards), Junichi Kanebako (bass), Martin Oster (clarinet), Ricardo Nascimento (keyboards) and yours truly Tiago Martins (keyboards and improvised percussion).

I myself declare it a success. Next week, same place, same time. I will be there for sure, with my friend Delay Lama.