Around the Österreich in 8 days

April 1, 2009

Last week I was on vacation. A long-needed, well-deserved one. And boy did I have fun!


When I first moved to Austria, a friend promised to visit me someday. Earlier this year the promise was made true, and sweet Inês bought a plane ticket to Austria. Given the fact that she would be here for one week, I realized it would be the perfect time to take a week off and travel around Austria with her as good company. So we went to Salzburg, Graz and Vienna.

This week was a show with so many subplots and episodes that it goes far beyond the scope of this post to go into details. The Sound of Music in Ballsburg, the knowing of Struwwelpeter, the aborted Nurnberg incursion, the night out in Graz, the epic quest for an Indian food restaurant in Vienna… these are stories for my grandchildren to hear. All in all it was such great fun that I am seriously considering if I ever had so much uninterrupted fun in one week in my entire life.

So to share with you some moments of happiness, here are some low-res photos. And once more, thank you all for the good times, especially you Inês! You are the epitome of awesome Portuguese girl power!


One Response to “Around the Österreich in 8 days”

  1. miss kitty said

    nem vou falar sobre a semana porque essa dava um blog inteiro para todos os gostos e feitios 🙂 mas só para que conste, as bolachas continuam aqui na mala… se tiveres fome é só apitar! 🙂 or in english: the cookies are still in the bag! I repeat, the cookies are in the bag!(code name for our trip ah ah ka parvoice!) e muito obrigado por tudo! beijos e estrelas

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