It’s been almost two months now since I came to Linz and I’m happy that everything is STILL going so well! Unfortunately I have a knack for accommodating myself to some situations and many times I need to take sometime and breathe my life in properly in order to truly appreciate how it feels to have my lungs full of such happiness and be thankful for it. I often get to stressed out over too little, sometimes I’m obsessive with details and completely miss out on all the rest.

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Brain Candy

October 18, 2006

So here I am, back from Portugal and already with a huge queue of “to read” material!

Anyway it’s been a busy week, but “busy” doesn’t have to mean it’s that bad. Actually I’m very excited about the lectures I’ve been taking here at the Interface Culture Lab, either from Prof. Sommerer or guest lecturers.

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I’ve been quite busy during my stay in Portugal and unfortunately I ended up not having time to do every single thing I wanted to do. This was mostly due to my trouble with a partition on my backup hard disk (see the previous post).

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What happens when you use Partition Magic to mess around with a partition and the operation is improperly interrupted by, let’s say, a power failure?

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Back Home for a week

October 7, 2006

I arrived in Lisboa yesterday at about 23:30. It feels good to be back in Portugal, with my family, my cute little niece and all my friends.

Viva Portugal!

South Park VS Scientology

October 5, 2006

Yesterday a colleague of mine pointed this one out for me. Apparently he’s also also a big fan of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park series. Isaac Hayes, who did the voices for the character ‘Chef’, left the series. Apparently one particular episode’s take on the Church of Scientology (famous partly due to Tom Cruise) was just too much for him to cope with. You can check out the story at the BBC News site.
After seeing so many South Park episodes where they make fun of everything – from religious beliefs to social and political issues and even the clichés in holywood movies – I wouldn’t expect many people to take the show seriously, let alone a member of the cast! Also, South Park could be the base for a religion someday; with all the crazy people out there with lots of influence, I wouldn’t be surprised at all…

Stan, Chef and Kyle

Glad to be awake

October 4, 2006

Today I woke up at 7:20 am. I wanted to have breakfast with Danka, my Polish friend, and at the Kolpinghaus breakfast is only served until 8:00 am.

At 7:30 she called on my room’s phone and I went down to meet her. We also met another Polish girl and the three of us had breakfast together. I have to say that 7:40 am is kind of early for me to hear two girls speaking with each other in Polish. For a little while It sounded like the world was about to end and they would only have 5 minutes left to gossip 🙂

After breakfast, and given that I don’t have a strict schedule right now, I went back to bed to sleep for another hour. I still have some trouble falling asleep at night so the extra hour of sleep was more than welcome. An hour later I woke up.

My eyelids were everything but glued. As I made a tremendous effort to open them I heard some movement. ‘The cleaning lady finally decided to come in while I was asleep’ I thought. She had made some previous attempts before, but usually when she opens the door and notices there’s some half-naked guy still sleeping inside she mumbles something and leaves. Now as my eyes were opening I perceived some movement. Something was half crawling, half sliding down the chair (the only chair in my room) in front of the desk. My eyelids finally complied, and I looked closer. It was some sort of spider-shaped plush toy with long, furry, limp legs. It slid onto the floor and there it stood, lifeless.

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The Urfahrmarkt

October 3, 2006

Every year around May and October (I can’t be more precise right now) a fair is organized in Linz, called the Urfahrmarkt. I still don’t know how long it will last, but I believe it’ like a week or so.

It started with a bang last Saturday! I was there with Anja and Beate and we had a hell of a time. Today I’m going back there again. Last time I shot a couple of videos. Mybe if I get an account at Youtube I can show some to you.