Now that I am feeling a bit sick, let’s have a quick update of things, starting with my first interface prototype, then lamenting not playing Wii more often, followed by a quick note on a film festival and finishing with Ars Electronica stuff.

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…aux Champs-Elysées!

Well maybe not every single twisted thing someone like me might want, but there is a lot for sure. Joe Dassin couldn’t be wrong.

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Wii would like to play

April 4, 2007

Yep, I did it. I bought a Nintendo Wii. This is my first console since I was thirteen. Some may that, given the way I behave sometimes, it hasn’t been such a long time now.

I was clever enough not to buy The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Since I am still overwhelmed with work (PhD, InStory project and several other stuff) I cannot risk forgetting my obligations 🙂

Anyway, there is obviously some free time to enjoy the utter silliness of Rayman Raving Rabbids and Wii Sports.

Furthermore, instead of ranting on about the virtues of the Wii, I will instead direct you to a short (1:24 mins.) video that pretty much sums it all up. You can see it on YouTube.

“…and by the way, my vibrating features have been disabled.”

It’s fairly easy, you’ll see.

Just buy a Hitachi HM55B digital compass module, set up your breadboard for it, test it to see it’s working. Then, a couple of weeks later, reassemble your circuit with the module turned 180º around and power it up. You get to see a little wisp of smoke coming out of it, as if an electronic spirit is abandoning its carcass.

I can be a really professional dumbass sometimes. Grrr!

Hitachi HM55B