Lil’ old Puchenau

February 25, 2008

Maybe it was from reading Lovecraft’s “The Haunter of the Dark” (you can too, here) or my as-of-lately foggy mood… ever since I spied that steeple and surrounding village from the vantage point of the Linz Schloss I knew I had to go there. Breaking out of my usual Sunday lethargy, I hopped on my recently repaired and always faithful red Puch bycicle and rode all the way until I could take a picture of both – the bycicle and the church.

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Denimcode can be put basically as a concept of using 2D barcodes in clothing, more precisely jeans. As far as I can tell it has no apparent innovation in the sense that the interaction and flow of information is basically what has been done so far: you take a picture of one such mark with your mobile device, which links it to media content remotely hosted.

But what’s really funny is… well, look at the picture. Just look at it.

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