Remember the intro to the first Resident Evil movie? We are introduced (to the sound of a stomping, gritty theme which I love) to this whole underground secret virus lab  where they are producing the T-virus, the ingredient to make zombies, let’s say. Or the Regenerate Commercial? Here it is directly from YouTube to freshen up your memory.

So after that, how would you feel about buying this… uh, Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum, from Avon?

Avon Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum

Avon Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum

Or, as Joystiq puts it:

Via Joystiq

Via Joystiq (click on picture to link there)

But hey, that’s just a strange coincidence. I don’t assume that the folks who design the Avon product packaging ever saw the Resident Evil movie. And then again, I might be assuming too much, and that’s just where they got inspiration from 😛 On the other hand, I wonder if the asset designers for the movies inspired themselves on Avon products. Given that the Avon product was released this year that is seemingly impossible.

Here we have a toy made to the image of a Halo assault rifle. No mistake here folks, it’s quite clear where the inspiration came from.

Via Kotaku (click on picture to link)

Via Kotaku (click on picture to link)

The Halo Plasma Blaster (via IGN)

The Halo Assault Rifle (via IGN)

And last but not least, my own finding. Last month I was walking around the Urfahranermarkt (a seasonal fair in Linz) with my new flatmate Vesela. I couldn’t resist the calling of my inner child and check out the toy stands. And then I saw this.

The Sword of The Great King War Craft

The Sword of The Great King War Craft

I have my doubts as to whether there is a similar item in World of Warcraft. I honestly don’t believe so. But in such an expansive game world, there might surely be something similar. So it’s not really a game asset come to the physical world, it’s a cheesy trick from some cheap toy company. Nevertheless, interesting to note how videogame culture – here represented by something so recent as World of Warcraft – is pervading so many aspects of modern life.

One of the last things I would expect to find at an Urfahranermarkt stand would be The Sword of The Great King War Craft.


Ars Electronica 2009

September 29, 2009

Another Summer that ended with me rushing off from somewhere to be present at the Ars Electronica festival – but maybe more importantly, at the Interface Culture exhibition.

This year students pushed hard to organize the Royal Interface Culture Masquerade Ball, which took place at the twin building from Kunstuniversitat – also commonly referred to as the Hitler buildings (1). 😛

Anyway, here’s a video of the opening and of a few projects.

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A Change of Seasons

June 1, 2009

Delavsky Dom panorama

Trbovlje Train Station

I should be preparing two submissions of Noon – A Secret Told By Objects, and for those I should be finishing the video (which I have been putting together for way too much time now).

I should also be preparing what little I have to present at my next PhD meeting in Zurich. I should be working on some adjustments to White Shadow. I should be reworking the concept of A Red Fable, since I guess it was becoming way too reflective of my own personal issues – and btw, is that good or bad? Then I could hopefully call it Art, even an interactive self-portrait narrative.

What I should be doing… is changing my life. For once. I guess I was the one who strayed from the path after all, in more than one layer; some of these are very hard to control, such as the ones navigated by listening to your heart, when it has so little to say to you, like someone falling in and out of a coma.

Here I go, exaggerating again. You know me, I’m like this, ever the melodramatic fool.

To prove that I’m really a freaking drama queen – that my life is actually awesome and I’m the one seeing wrongness and ugliness at every turn – here are some pics from the awesome time I had in Slovenia, while taking part of the Speculum Artium 09 exhibition in Trbovlje.

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I would like to wish a very happy and accident-free Easter to all the chocolate bunnies out there!easter_bunny1

Last week I was on vacation. A long-needed, well-deserved one. And boy did I have fun!


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Noon: Lisa holding the snowglobe

It’s been a long time since I posted the original video from Noon. It is made up from very bad footage I hurriedly shot during the exhibition at the Campus 2.0 Exhibition during Ars Electronica Festival 2007. 

As new version of Noon has been produced and shown at the Long Night of Research, or whatever it’s called – in German it’s Lange Nacht der Forschung and the homepage seems not to have any info whatsoever about Linz.

Anyway, this new version uses a projector and loudspeakers for audiovisual output, a smaller Gauntlet interface and some proper candlestands. So finally I took some time to shoot some footage of it and in a couple of weeks it should be assembled together with a moody soundtrack made by yours truly. This should be an improved version of what is heard throughout the original video.

Many thanks to Lisa for being my model! Besides having made the perfect choice of clothes from your wardrobe, you make everything look prettier 🙂

Scenes From 08

January 4, 2009

I decided to make a small review of last year, as it was quite a good year and has shown me countless times that I need to step up. So I put together some pictures from my Picasa Web Album, partly to force myself to acknowledge my good fortune, places I visited and people I got to know and miss. 

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Remind me to develop a collaborative version of Noon.

Last Friday was the “Day of the Open Door” (Tag der Öfennen Tür) at Kunstuni Linz. As usual, Interface Culture set up it’s space to provide visitors and prospective students with a small show of it’s activities.As opposed to just showing stuff we actually encourage visitors to try it out. Once more Noon and Austhority have provided visitors not only a clear demonstration of what is possible to accomplish at IC as well as a loot of fun. I myself am surprised (positively) at the persistence of some of Noon’s players, who would want to keep delving into the Novak family’s tragedy even after the program crashed repeatedly (1). Once again, thank you all for playing!

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B-day Preparations

April 4, 2008

Hmm… 48 liters of beer, two bottles of vodka and… are those watermelons?

Last February me and T. Wagner (Recipe Table, Atem Raum, Pipesound) took the opportunity to develop the first prototype for a mobile game concept at Jurgen Scheible‘s workshop at Interface Culture. You can check all the very interesting ideas which were prototyped in Python for S60, as explained by their respective authors in a video which Scheible was kind enough to post on YouTube (also embedded here, after the jump).

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