My next post about game-asset-inspired real objects is being kept in the drafts yet, but I will post it sometime soon. Hmmm, define “soon”

Yesterday Ricardo pointed out this video to me, which seems to be an evolution of the Invisible Train from the Graz University of Technology (TUI). The TUI Graz seems also to be involved into this mobile, augmented zombie goodness. And you can use Skittles. Not any other colored spherical objects, Skittles. Sponsoring deal, anyone?

Without further addue, here is the video of Arhrrrr from the Augmented Environments Lab of Georgia Tech.

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Zeemote? Seriously…

June 4, 2009

In late 2006 I began working on the Gauntlet. I remember when, back then, I came to know about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution controller – nowadays known to children, adults, seniors, hardcore and casual gamers alike as the Wiimote.

I still have to accept the fact that I will never beat the Japanese to a great idea, although I get to be constantly reminded of that fact. For instance, by Ichiro Katsumoto’s Amagatana. But hey, this seriously rocks! I can say at the very least that I was happy to play with it and to say hi to the man himself. As I will hopefully be when wielding a sword in Red Steel 2 using the Wii Motion Plus, when it comes out later this year.

Amagatana by Yuichiro Katsumoto

Amagatana by Yuichiro Katsumoto

Red Steel 2 swordplay using Wii Motion Plus, via IGN

Red Steel 2 swordplay using Wii Motion Plus, via IGN

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A Change of Seasons

June 1, 2009

Delavsky Dom panorama

Trbovlje Train Station

I should be preparing two submissions of Noon – A Secret Told By Objects, and for those I should be finishing the video (which I have been putting together for way too much time now).

I should also be preparing what little I have to present at my next PhD meeting in Zurich. I should be working on some adjustments to White Shadow. I should be reworking the concept of A Red Fable, since I guess it was becoming way too reflective of my own personal issues – and btw, is that good or bad? Then I could hopefully call it Art, even an interactive self-portrait narrative.

What I should be doing… is changing my life. For once. I guess I was the one who strayed from the path after all, in more than one layer; some of these are very hard to control, such as the ones navigated by listening to your heart, when it has so little to say to you, like someone falling in and out of a coma.

Here I go, exaggerating again. You know me, I’m like this, ever the melodramatic fool.

To prove that I’m really a freaking drama queen – that my life is actually awesome and I’m the one seeing wrongness and ugliness at every turn – here are some pics from the awesome time I had in Slovenia, while taking part of the Speculum Artium 09 exhibition in Trbovlje.

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