A Change of Seasons

June 1, 2009

Delavsky Dom panorama

Trbovlje Train Station

I should be preparing two submissions of Noon – A Secret Told By Objects, and for those I should be finishing the video (which I have been putting together for way too much time now).

I should also be preparing what little I have to present at my next PhD meeting in Zurich. I should be working on some adjustments to White Shadow. I should be reworking the concept of A Red Fable, since I guess it was becoming way too reflective of my own personal issues – and btw, is that good or bad? Then I could hopefully call it Art, even an interactive self-portrait narrative.

What I should be doing… is changing my life. For once. I guess I was the one who strayed from the path after all, in more than one layer; some of these are very hard to control, such as the ones navigated by listening to your heart, when it has so little to say to you, like someone falling in and out of a coma.

Here I go, exaggerating again. You know me, I’m like this, ever the melodramatic fool.

To prove that I’m really a freaking drama queen – that my life is actually awesome and I’m the one seeing wrongness and ugliness at every turn – here are some pics from the awesome time I had in Slovenia, while taking part of the Speculum Artium 09 exhibition in Trbovlje.

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Scenes From 08

January 4, 2009

I decided to make a small review of last year, as it was quite a good year and has shown me countless times that I need to step up. So I put together some pictures from my Picasa Web Album, partly to force myself to acknowledge my good fortune, places I visited and people I got to know and miss. 

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Last February me and T. Wagner (Recipe Table, Atem Raum, Pipesound) took the opportunity to develop the first prototype for a mobile game concept at Jurgen Scheible‘s workshop at Interface Culture. You can check all the very interesting ideas which were prototyped in Python for S60, as explained by their respective authors in a video which Scheible was kind enough to post on YouTube (also embedded here, after the jump).

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Don’t have a cow, man!

October 9, 2007

Last Saturday night instead of doing what 26-year-olds normally do (meaning getting drunk and making an ass of myself attempting to dance to electro in some artsy bar) I joined a flatmate in visiting several of Linz’s museums in the Long Night of Museums – where you pay 10€ and get to see all museums you can/want/have patience to.

The last one we visited was the Schlossmuseum (at the Linz castle). The permanenet exhibition sure has a lot to look at, including medieval armor and huge two-handed swords. These were awesome, ever since my times as a D&D player I wanted to actually see what a two-handed sword looked like and I must say I sure wouldn’t be the right guy to carry one, let alone wield it in battle without unintentionally hurting my allies or myself*.

Besides this permanent exhibition there was also one about chocolate. It is rather cruel… almost as an exhibition about sex. Anyway, at least we could try some qualities. And I made friends with that great Austrian icon of chocolate: the Milka cow.

Me and the Milka cow

* The movie Zatoichi (2004) comes to mind… at least two times in the movie you see what happens when a n00b tries so much to draw a katana sword (LOL, the spell correction at WordPress doesn’t know the word “katana”… maybe it should see the movie sometime).

Nicht so gut…

May 2, 2007

Balanced on the edge of complexity and utter chaos – to paraphrase Bruce Sterling – is where I feel right now.

I am starting to get concerned about my health. I am under much self-imposed stress, and it is starting to seriously disturb me in many ways.

At least I went along with Kasia and Verena to the Posthof and finally bought my ticket to see Dream Theater. Wo-hoo!


After many many nights dreaming of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White – and other occasionaly narcoleptic beautiful women – I finally got a friend of mine to babysit me on a trip to Grottenbahn to visit the many dwarves that live there, the narcoleptic babes, among others.

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Jantar Português

January 29, 2007

Another successful event brought to you by The Portuguese Mafia (logo needed).

Beloved guests from many countries – Brazil, Japan, Poland, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Italy and Lihuania – were able to taste whatever we could cook of portuguese cuisine and whatever portuguese music we were able to provide.



Appetizers: Chouriço assado, Pica-pau

Soup: (uhhh I forgot, I’m not really into soup)

Main courses: Carne de porco à Portuguesa, Arroz de Marisco

Dessert: Baba de camelo, Mousse à la Pico, Arroz doce


Thank you all for coming!

Check out some photos at popkablog!

Ever since I was around 14 I’ve been somewhat serious about playing keyboards and nowadays I can’t imagine myself without one for too long. Shortly after coming to Linz, my father sent me my M-Audio MIDI controller. Although severely limited in hardware – I run the VST host (Ableton Live Lite) on my laptop – I keep playing and having fun at it; but over time it gets frustrating to play alone.

One day my Brazilian colleague Ricardo suggested starting a band with Interface Culture students. I must admit being skeptical at first, but after we held our first jam session yesterday I must say I’m more of the opposite now.

The first Interface Culture Jam Session took place yesterday at the Lab with Andreas Weixler (guitar),  Se-Lien Chuang (keyboards), Junichi Kanebako (bass), Martin Oster (clarinet), Ricardo Nascimento (keyboards) and yours truly Tiago Martins (keyboards and improvised percussion).

I myself declare it a success. Next week, same place, same time. I will be there for sure, with my friend Delay Lama.

Polish kisses

January 12, 2007

Back in Linz, back to this place that almost seems to have been desiged for some mysterious purpose in my life. But hey, contrary to what I might think, I’m not the center of the world. So Linz keeps drawing people to it. Nice people. People who are drifting close to the center of my world.

Not a week has passed since I returned and already I had the opportunity to hang out with almost all of my friends here. And with people like these, you always get to learn cool stuff, like “daj mi buzi” – polish for “give me kisses”. Thanks to Kasia for this one!

Is Kolpinghaus… evil?

January 4, 2007

This was a comment posted some weeks ago on my blog:

Dear Tiago,
I’m truly appalled by your merciless criticism of Kolpinghaus. Aren’t you a bit too harsh? I agree that this “Wohnheim” is anything from weird to slightly uncanny but the label “evil” is undeserved. I lived there for a while and I still have some pleasant memories connected with it. Don’t you agree that Kolping’s employees are nice and helpful? They were to me, anyway. Thus, I simply don’t understand what made you so cross about the place.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie,


This reminds me that I previously promised a post dedicated to the Kolpinghaus. Since I never did disclose much about that place and my adventures there, many of you might be led to think this was some horrible place. Was it, now?

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