Last February me and T. Wagner (Recipe Table, Atem Raum, Pipesound) took the opportunity to develop the first prototype for a mobile game concept at Jurgen Scheible‘s workshop at Interface Culture. You can check all the very interesting ideas which were prototyped in Python for S60, as explained by their respective authors in a video which Scheible was kind enough to post on YouTube (also embedded here, after the jump).

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F***ing in Austria!

March 24, 2008

I knew already that Austria had a lot of Bad places: Bad Ischl, Bad Goisern, Bad Lonfelden or just plain Bad. But someone told me once about this other place… a place whose name is quite self-explanatory.

Fucking - Upper Austria

Liebe Grüße to all the Fucking’ers!

PS: WordPress is starting to suck ass (nice rhyme)… I can’t embed a Google Map in my post!