Second Life

Yesterday I signed up for and installed Second Life. “Great, yet another member joins our ever-growing, ever-shifting paradigmatic community” some of you may say. Some others will be more like “Second Life, that’s so gay, man… quit being a f***** n00b and pwn some WoW now”.

Well for all of you, here is my short account on my first experience with SL.

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After many many nights dreaming of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White – and other occasionaly narcoleptic beautiful women – I finally got a friend of mine to babysit me on a trip to Grottenbahn to visit the many dwarves that live there, the narcoleptic babes, among others.

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…und wie heißen Sie?

March 13, 2007

Today I had my first lesson of “Deutsch Als Fremdsprache – Intesiv I” at Volkshochschule Linz. Worst part was telling the time :\

Now I’m in the process of packing my stuff up so that tomorow I can move everything – or almost everything – to my new room in an apartment near Unionkreuzung.

Meanwile, I’m waiting for my Arduino Mini and USB module to arrive, as well as a couple of sensor modules. Being already in posession of a seemingly nice low-frequency RFID reader bought at Conrad, I am increasingly eager to plug it to the Arduino microcontroller and try it out. While this doesn’t happen, I am a happy Java ME noob developer using NetBeans and any tutorials I can get my hands on. InStory for mobile phones is coming…

As a closing note, I would like to say that Spring is coming (early in Austria) and the eternal cycle of renewal drives every single one of us onward.

In loving memory of granny Maria – can digital kisses reach you? *****

Back to school

March 9, 2007

After all the hustle of preparing a paper for Laval Virtual 07, updating my PhD workplan and submitting a scholarship application, now I’m back to having classes.

This semester I’m up for such cool stuff like Sabine Seymour‘s Fahionable Technologies and Robert Praxmarer‘s Games Workshop.

In the meantime, I am desperately waiting for all the components for my prototype to arrive (I really can’t wait to start assembling it) and I am also programming a new version of the InStory Client, meant to run in Java-enabled mobile phones.