Ich, Franzi und die Zwerge

March 21, 2007


After many many nights dreaming of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White – and other occasionaly narcoleptic beautiful women – I finally got a friend of mine to babysit me on a trip to Grottenbahn to visit the many dwarves that live there, the narcoleptic babes, among others.

The Grottenbahn is situated under the Linz Pöstlingberg and comprises a dragon-shaped-tram ride trough the Dwarven Realm, where one can greet the Dwarf King and admire the sometimes tragical aspects of dwarven life. After the ride the visitor can explore a dwarf-scale replica of the Linz Hauptplatz, where every street opens up to a couple of (sparsely animated) scenes that illustrate traditional germanic tales such as Rotkäppchen, Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot or Hans im Glück.

Thanks for the babysitting, Franzi 🙂


One Response to “Ich, Franzi und die Zwerge”

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