I Can’t be Having With This!

January 9, 2009

Those who are strangers to Terry Pratchett and the Discworld series should skip this post and quickly endeavour to become familiar with both. For those who are familiar with the series but somehow don’t like it, I’m sure there will be some kind of custom-tailored hell for you when you die. The rest may keep on reading.

According to this test I accidentally found online, It seems I come closest to being Granny Weatherwax. Just as I expected. I couldn’t be having with it any other way… 

You are Granny Weatherwax

I am... Granny Weatherwax!


One Response to “I Can’t be Having With This!”

  1. Yeah, you’re right. There is a custom-made haven for Pratchett adepts too. I’m currently reading ‘Monstrous Regiment’ as the last book of the series. I postponed this book to the last because it doen not contain any recurring main characters. I took the test twice and first came out as Sam Vimes than as Captain Carrot. That comes close enough for me…

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