Remind me to develop a collaborative version of Noon.

Last Friday was the “Day of the Open Door” (Tag der Öfennen Tür) at Kunstuni Linz. As usual, Interface Culture set up it’s space to provide visitors and prospective students with a small show of it’s activities.As opposed to just showing stuff we actually encourage visitors to try it out. Once more Noon and Austhority have provided visitors not only a clear demonstration of what is possible to accomplish at IC as well as a loot of fun. I myself am surprised (positively) at the persistence of some of Noon’s players, who would want to keep delving into the Novak family’s tragedy even after the program crashed repeatedly (1). Once again, thank you all for playing!

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B-day Preparations

April 4, 2008

Hmm… 48 liters of beer, two bottles of vodka and… are those watermelons?

A video for the interactive installation Noon – A Secret Told by Objects has been due for a long time now.

I had indeed been planning to capture some footage during the last photo shoot but unfortunately it was not possible. Now as I am planning a video shoot that will allow me to assemble a couple of different videos, I need to imagine how video, narration and soundtrack would work out together.

To have a better idea I prepared this first sketch, resorting to the (let’s be honest) little and terrible footage I got to film during the Ars Electronica with a friend’s video camera. The soundtrack, however, has been cooking up for a while now and it’s becoming solid. Unfortunately, the tool I used for putting the video together was probably one of the worst designed programs I ever used, and I could go on for many many lines of text about it’s unreasonable limitations, annoying interface and general quirks and glitches. Anyway, bad footage, bad tools, amateur skills and this is what you get. But the soundtrack… I like it very much =P

Noon – A Secret Told by Objects (video sketch)