Lil’ old Puchenau

February 25, 2008

Maybe it was from reading Lovecraft’s “The Haunter of the Dark” (you can too, here) or my as-of-lately foggy mood… ever since I spied that steeple and surrounding village from the vantage point of the Linz Schloss I knew I had to go there. Breaking out of my usual Sunday lethargy, I hopped on my recently repaired and always faithful red Puch bycicle and rode all the way until I could take a picture of both – the bycicle and the church.

As small and apparently uninteresting place as the rest os Puchenau might be, the trip was worth it for the much needed exercise and for the the discovery of a very small but well-troden path by the Danube on the way back.

Oh… in case you haven’t noticed, I just got a Picasa web account. Together with the ubiquity of my HTC smartphone, it will provide for an increasing number of (geo-tagged) photos on the blog. Other things are to come soon, especially considering my latest research activities – basically, more on the Gauntlet wearable iterface and the Noon installation.


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