Between the InStory Client for mobile phones at the IMG and everything else at Interface Culture, there is certainly no lack of work to be done. Producing my best impish smile, I may say that at least it’s a lot of cool work.

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Systematic Chaos

May 31, 2007

As a Dream Theater fan it’s a real hed-banging pleasure to hear their latest album Systematic Chaos. Some prog’ified trash-metal riffs kind of remebre me of Metallica sometimes… until the truly prog stuff comes in and James LaBrie starts singing. What has gotten into these people to make such a ballsy, dark album? It’s always hard to pick a favoritesong or album and this one makes it even harder… my favourite album so far had been Scenes From a Memory. After this, I’m quite not sure anymore, really.

But better than that just sitting here, mouth agape, listening to such a treat is to have a ticket for their gig here in Linz. I will possibly run full gamut between a histerical fanboy and a hard-core headbanger at the concert, believe me. I just hope no one is taking pictures 🙂

This is your chance to be chased in a virtual model by real players running the streets of Dublin. Take your shot at Blast Theory‘s incredible ubiquitous/mixed-reality game at the Can You See Me Now webpage, from May 9 to May 12, between 12:00 and 15:00  (Dublin time).

Ahhh Spring! The love, the bees and the trees… what a colorful, romantic season, no? But then, as butterflies flutter and birds cheerfully chirp, Tiago comes along and begins to sneeze. A lot.

So I am allergic to pollen. Me and some other couple of millions of people or so. It is terrible not to be able to fully and carelessly enjoy the charming Spring season, associated long walks and picnics on open-air and whatnot. A gods-damned nerd trait, this allergy that subtly makes it better to stay home and play Zelda on the Wii (I wish, I haven’t bought it yet) than going out for ice-creams and bike rides!

Something just hit me, however. Animal reproduction isn’t as messy and disgusting as some people may think – unless, well, you’re watching one of those very old Cicciolina porn movies, but that can hardly be called reproduction at all. Plants are far messier than animals. They go around (well, in the figurative way) spraying their reproductive cells all over the place, promiscuously reproducing, defying any law that another (supposedly more intelligent) living creature may come up with in the name of decency. I suppose that if we were to go around covering all trees and plants with our own reproductive cells they wouldn’t like it that much. Maybe some would develop an allergy. And start sneezing.

Now please excuse me, I have to go and blow my nose…

Nicht so gut…

May 2, 2007

Balanced on the edge of complexity and utter chaos – to paraphrase Bruce Sterling – is where I feel right now.

I am starting to get concerned about my health. I am under much self-imposed stress, and it is starting to seriously disturb me in many ways.

At least I went along with Kasia and Verena to the Posthof and finally bought my ticket to see Dream Theater. Wo-hoo!