Marrying a Virtual Character

November 23, 2009

I don’t know if there is a precedent on this one. Some real-life flesh-and-blood dude actually married a character from a Nintendo DS dating simulator, in a church in Guam. Left for the rest of us to imagine is how they will have t3h s3x and what the babies will look like…

By the way, here is the bride.

Additionaly, it is quite interesting to note the profound tone of some discussions that popped-up after the Kotaku article.

She argued, even if they don’t communicate, the digital coding, on the binary level, in each copy of the game for this girl, is exactly the same; essentially making this girl and every other player of the game who has chosen her an adulterer. -Dallas Peterson

[Edit] And here’s the video report by Lisa Katayama from Boing Boing.

(via Kotaku, more Kotaku and Gizmodo)


I’m tired from the early plane trip back from Athens, mentally exhausted for all the stuff I saw at ACE 2009 and I am also slightly sick to boot.

Given all the above, I am seriously unable to even comment on such shocking news…

“[Baby and Me] takes doll-playing to the next level by incorporating motion control (and balance board support!) into 18 game modes (…). Not only that, this hellspawn will actually cry through the Wiimote’s speaker. You quiet baby down by rocking, burping and teaching him/her/it to walk. There’s even a feeding exercise. I’m sensing a Wiimote breast pump attachment down the line.” – via Kotaku

Couldn’t have said it better.

I would like to wish a very happy and accident-free Easter to all the chocolate bunnies out there!easter_bunny1

As I am all the time trying to find references for the upcoming Red Fable project, my friend Inês pointed out this videoclip to me (thank you so much). I was surprised to know that a song I like so much has a Red Riding Hood videoclip. And although (as Marion, who is working with me on Red Fable  said) it’s kind of cliche, it really kicks in at 2:23. Then you get the point, which could be summarized as follows:

Wolf – “Red, what powerful right hook you have!”

Red – “The better to beat the living shit out of you, you sick rapist bastard!!!”

Now that is an interesting twist to the plot 🙂 

The band is Mão Morta (“Dead Hand”) and the song is Cão de Morte (“Dog of Death”). Maybe a Bharghest of sorts? Anyway, screw me if I ever try to figure out lyrics from a guy who names himself as Adolfo Luxuria Canibal… 

As an additional, TMI closing note, all this search for Red Riding Hood stuff is making me start to have Red Riding Hood themed fantasies. Not that I’m particularly ashamed of it though 😛

Last Friday I went with a friend to a couple of venues of the Next Comic festival in Linz. We seem to have missed the whole opening party shebang at the LKZ Ursulinenhof by more than a few hours, but I guess that I still got to see what I was menat to see: the Xoth! comic panels by Anna-Maria Jung. As I was passing by these, a quick glance triggered the “Cthulhu Mythos” part of my brain, and my gaze was instantly diverted to gaze at the cartoony Yen Niggurath…

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Creepiness Ensues

May 19, 2008

In the trail of the Silent Hill movie and for it’s sheer creepiness, I posted some time ago about the ghost town of Centralia. In the original game snowfall, fog and darkness are constants; in the movie the snow was replaced by ash from long-burning coal veins, in a way clearly inspired by this place.

As I was browsing through Wired today I read this short article about what is known as New England’s Dark day. The aforementioned ghost town crept to mind, as well as the tales of H. P. Lovecraft – especially given the setting of New England – of which I have become an avid reader.

“In the midst of the Revolutionary War, darkness descends on New England at midday. Many people think Judgment Day is at hand. It will be remembered as New England’s Dark Day.”

Read the rest over at Wired. And check out the Weather Doctor Almanac, from where the above picture was taken.

But wait, there’s more. Still on the creepy note, what do you think about these next two examples of advertising?

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