Together with Ricardo Nascimento. A pair of sneakers that microblog every step you take. These are a commentary on the obsession with Twitter and other microblogging/social networking platforms. The Rambler sneakers produce large amounts of seemingly useless information at every step but they are also a fashionable item of desire. Rambler

Headbang Hero

Headbang Hero is a videogame where the player scores points by headbanging to a hard-rock/metal song. However, opposingly to what happens in most videogames, what is at risk is not the health of a digital avatar but the health of the player himself. Headbanging can be the cause of neck and head injuries and so Headbanger Hero keeps track of how hazardous the player’s performance is and presents him with a detailed personal report when the song is over. How much personal sacrifice is needed in becoming a hero? Is there no pleasure without pain? Headbang Hero

White Shadow

White Shadow is an interactive art installation composing a telematic sundial which connects people on two remote locations via a monument’s shadow. A white shadow of the Monument to Cuauhtémoc in Mexico City is remotely cast at the Hauptplatz in Linz, matching the original shadow’s shape. This white shadow is then populated in real-time by the shadows of Mexico City inhabitants. White Shadow

A Red Fable (upcoming)

Taking on the same principle of interactive storytelling/gaming using real objects explored in Noon, A Red Fable (working title) leads the player through physical space in the search of a missing girl. The story is told and advanced by interaction with red objects (many of them belonging to the missing girl) which are spread throughout real physical space. Several aspects of the player’s performance will influence the outcome of the narrative. A Red Fable

Wolves and Sheep

Wolves and Sheep (WaS for short) is a location-based game supported by mobile phones. In it players physically navigate the streets of a real city as leaders of a virtual pack of wolves, hunting for sheep and avoiding several hazards (and a wolf hunter). Having been staged at Ars Electronica Festival 2008, this project is currently being revised. Wolves and Sheep

Noon – A Secret Told by Objects

Noon is an interactive storytelling installation using real objects as interfaces. The visitor becomes an investigator, probing memories of objects by holding them and performing certain gestures. Noon is currently in its second version. See the original page here, and the new page here. Noon

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a wearable interface for allowing gestures and manipulation of real objects as part of ubiquitous gaming applications. It takes the form of a long bracer, embedded with different sensors and a haptic actuator, which can be wirelessly connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth. A first prototype was produced, demonstrated (through the first version of Noon – A Secret Told by Objects) and subject of user tests, having wielded frankly positive results. A revised version of the first prototype was recently produced and used in both the newer version of Noon and Wolves and Sheep. Gauntlet

InStory – Regaleira

For a few years now I’ve been working as collaborator for the Computer Science Dept. at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the New University of Lisbon. My main task has been developing a PDA client for access to geo-referenced information and interactive narratives. You can watch a video on youtube (in Portuguese), browse the project’s home page or a short description at the Interactive Multimedia Group – CITI website. InStory
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