Quote of the day?

September 26, 2009

While searching for something totally unrelated, I found this quote from Claude Vorilhon:

Obviously, our children, who have been playing with their computers since the age of five or six, don’t have quite the same brain as those who were brought up on wooden or metal toys, whose brains are certainly atrophied by comparison.

Claude Vorilhon (aka Raël) [via BrainyQuote]

The founder of the UFO Religion of Raëlism, a man of both great fame and great notoriety, is a manifest supporter of technology and science (namely cloning) for a better way of life. As he is of sensual meditation. Still, it’s quite surprising to find reference to videogames (a positive reference if I’m understanding it right) in his words.

Although I’m bound to disagree… I’d say that playing with wooden toys will propitiate the development of a set of skills that may not be quite the same as (although it may overlap) the set of skills developed by playing videogames. I don’t really believe that wooden toys or videogames have the power to atrophy the brain. Unless it’s a videogame about Raëlism… 😛


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