Introducing Yen Niggurath, a “nice goat girl”

March 8, 2009

Last Friday I went with a friend to a couple of venues of the Next Comic festival in Linz. We seem to have missed the whole opening party shebang at the LKZ Ursulinenhof by more than a few hours, but I guess that I still got to see what I was menat to see: the Xoth! comic panels by Anna-Maria Jung. As I was passing by these, a quick glance triggered the “Cthulhu Mythos” part of my brain, and my gaze was instantly diverted to gaze at the cartoony Yen Niggurath…

What in the Abyss was I looking at exactly? A Cthulhu-Mythos-themed cartoon? So I snapped a shot of the Xoth! webpage’s URL and delved a bit more into the unfathomable depths of such a cyclopean concept. Meaning I got to the webpage and picked some text for you. 

“On one of his many uneventful, boring evenings, Jacop O‘Damsel, freelance nerd, drunkenly decides to fall asleep in a back alley. (…)  Jacop awakens in XOTH, a strange world full of weird creatures – or are they unutterably blasphemous? (…) Thanks be to the Old Ones, because Jacop finds Yen Niggurath, a nice goat-girl, who decides to help the hapless human.”

A nice… goat girl… hmmm. Bha-a-a-a-a-a!

PS: This makes me want to re-skin Wolves and Sheep to a Lovecraftian theme…


One Response to “Introducing Yen Niggurath, a “nice goat girl””

  1. Anna-Maria said

    Hi and thanks for the “Werbung”. Glad you liked it and glad it triggered Cthulhu once again in your head – and remember – the great old ones are watching!

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