Game Objects I

March 1, 2009

In line with the previous post, let me attempt to start a small catalogue of real-life objects in which we may perceive influences of video games. This is the first attempt and let’s see if I can keep it up. Since my research interests lie in this direction I can only benefit from pinning down references to these manifestations of gaming culture. 

Here are three, for starters. The first one is yet another of Aram Bartholl’s creations, this one revolving around the ever-present crate object.

Note: In videogames crates can be part of the level architecture and provide destructible cover from incoming ranged attacks (Half-Life), they can be picked up and thrown/used as a weapon (Sonic Unleashed), moved around to let you access otherwise unreachable areas (by climbing onto them, uncovering a hole in the wall or keeping a floor-switch pressed – Sokoban, Tomb Raider) and even smashed to relinquish another item (in-game currency or other power-ups – Super Mario, Sonic Unleashed). Interesting information about crates can be found at!

So Bartholl populated real spaces with crates from Counter-Strike (a multiplayer FPS originally born from a mod of Half-Life).


Next up we have something that dispenses much commentary. Let’s say it is marketing aimed for fantasy gamers and fans in general: the health and mana potions. Also the website’s interface is a dead giveaway.


Finally, a home-brewn project which winks an eye at the current music/rhythm game phenomena:  the Guitar Hero scarf!

Guitar Hero Scarf by Renée White. If you dont know why this is funny then youre missing out on a lot.

Guitar Hero Scarf by Renée White. If you don't know why this is funny then you're missing out on a lot.


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