Videogame Punishment for a New Generation of Gamers

January 3, 2009

Try this one on for size. Several reviewers have complained (or maybe the term in some cases should be “whined”) about the seeming lack of penalization for failure in the latest Prince of Persia installment.

Some interesting points are made in the following video. On a personal note, I must say that I have been feeling bad about my gamer skills whenever I try playing some old NES game (I have the PocketNester emulator on my HTC but you can also play online at the vNES website). It seems that , aside from the amount of skill necessary to advance in the game, the punishment for failure can be quite the nag, as after losing a few lives you are sent back to the very beginning of the game. Just go ahead and try to play a bit of Super Mario Bros, Megaman or Castlevania

Of course PC and later console games started implementing the save game system so that you could restart from some “closer” point if you fail or are forced to quit the game for mundane affairs 🙂


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