Suspicious placement of 2D barcodes… and some other thoughts

February 18, 2008

Denimcode can be put basically as a concept of using 2D barcodes in clothing, more precisely jeans. As far as I can tell it has no apparent innovation in the sense that the interaction and flow of information is basically what has been done so far: you take a picture of one such mark with your mobile device, which links it to media content remotely hosted.

But what’s really funny is… well, look at the picture. Just look at it.

You can look at it a bit more, it’s OK. But tell me then, isn’t the choice of placement a bit… suspicious? I mean, 2D barcodes should work better on visible and flat surfaces. And how would you feel if some stranger kept taking pictures of your butt? Remember, mobile mark recognition software can take a few tries until it succeeds in identifying a visual mark.

Nevertheless, I wonder how aestethically interesting such fiducials could prove to be in the near future. On a finishing note I would like to point out the somewhat organic-looking fiducials used by the ReacTIVision software and, as pointed out by a group of my students, a Pet Shop Boys videoclip.

I find the first interesting not only for the look of it but also because it was evolved through a genetic algorithm. They would probably integrate more nicely with the usually round shape of someone’s behind.

The second, well… not a great fan of these guys but you may notice some QR Code subliminarly embedded in the videoclip. These link to “online content about issues of civil liberties” (source here).


One Response to “Suspicious placement of 2D barcodes… and some other thoughts”

  1. qr kid said

    I love how amazingly fast this technology has grown. many years ago, it used to be exclusive to japan and now, everyone’s trying to get a hold of the whole concept. we created a branding exercise for a customer recently, using and the curiosity was incredible. i hope qr codes fad explodes. 🙂

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