Poll: what is, in your opinion, the real-world equivalent of a Super Mario block?

December 12, 2007

As a curiosity of my inquisitive thoughts on pervasive-gaming I would like to have your opinion on something.

What do you find as possible real world equivalents of the blocks in Super Mario Bros?

I am sticking with the classic NES game, and not with some more advanced kinds of blocks like in Super Mario World for the SNES or even Super Paper Mario for the Wii. The blocks themselves have some interesting aspects:

  • they are the building blocks of the level architecture
  • some have question marks, indicating that they might contain a prize; it might be one or several coins, or one power-up (shroom, flower or star)
  • the others are generally destructible if Mario is on mushrooms (lol); they might have prizes also, but then they aren’t destructible

All thoughts and opinions are welcome, post away!


4 Responses to “Poll: what is, in your opinion, the real-world equivalent of a Super Mario block?”

  1. Rute said

    That’s a hard question. First I thought of scaffolding, but now I am going for a hollow wall or a hollow floor. It can be made out of building blocks and I always wonder when I discover a hollow point in a house: “Maybe there is a treasure here?!”. These hollow areas are also more vulnerable than solid areas, so they can be destroyed.

  2. Jeremy said

    The nearest common equivalent? A cabinet / cupboard.

    Suspended and yet solid, holding concealed stuff, openable by reaching up.

    And like a child relating to the cabinets in his house, tiny Mario can’t reach so high or open so many things as big Mario.

  3. anthony said

    building blocks or something

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