One Arnold a day keeps the bad guys away

October 22, 2007

In Austria, as in many other places in the world, a trip to the supermarket can become quite fun. Well for me it’s always kind of fun: I ride my old school red Puch bicycle all the way to the supermarket and have a lot of fun trying to learn (and pronounce) the names of products. But today as soon as I entered the Eurospar supermarket I was confronted – to both my surprise and delight – with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not one, but actually a couple of hundreds of him.


Beckoning to the consumer in me were these cute little black boxes with Arnold on them, giving thumbs up. To what? Well I have to figure that out one day. Inside each box is an apple. But not a normal apple, by no means. For starters, this apple costs 0.99€ (or maybe the box costs that and the apple is just a bonus). Besides having Arnold on the front and back, it also has some text you might care to read eventually, printed onto the sides. One such text is in English, and it reads:

The power apple from Schwarzenegger’s home country

This apple grows and ripens at the foot of the Austrian Alps in Styria (…). Lovingly tended by skilled and dedicated fruit growers (…) it is a rich natural source of health, strength and flavor.

I wonder if any of the caring fruit growers is somehow related to Arnold. But hey, this must be a hell of an apple! I can barely wait to eat it! Maybe I should just eat a little piece each day; aside from an empty wallet, I wonder how much health and strength I may develop if I eat one everyday! And the flavour… I’d have to warn my girlfriends before oral sex “you know, I eat an Arnold apple each day, sometimes two, so maybe I have developed quite a strong flavor”.

Now if they would make packages with different pictures, I would have bought one with Conan. Or better, different characters could corespond to different effects. Terminator and Conan apples would be a sure success, followed by Last Action Hero, True Lies and Total Recall. I wonder if someone would buy the Junior ones, though…


6 Responses to “One Arnold a day keeps the bad guys away”

  1. Rute said

    well, the graphic design is not bad at all

  2. I’ll tell Arnold that someone noticed 🙂

  3. Rute said

    but at the same time it is like a campaign product. I mean it looks like he is expecting to gather voters, not consumers

  4. Yes, that thumbs up pic does seem to come from some campaign. As for the votes, at least here in Austria it won’t matter… but I wonder if they export this to the States (I suppose so).

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  6. verena* said

    i bought the styrian energy apple too, i was lying on the floor when saw it in spar 🙂

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