Don’t have a cow, man!

October 9, 2007

Last Saturday night instead of doing what 26-year-olds normally do (meaning getting drunk and making an ass of myself attempting to dance to electro in some artsy bar) I joined a flatmate in visiting several of Linz’s museums in the Long Night of Museums – where you pay 10€ and get to see all museums you can/want/have patience to.

The last one we visited was the Schlossmuseum (at the Linz castle). The permanenet exhibition sure has a lot to look at, including medieval armor and huge two-handed swords. These were awesome, ever since my times as a D&D player I wanted to actually see what a two-handed sword looked like and I must say I sure wouldn’t be the right guy to carry one, let alone wield it in battle without unintentionally hurting my allies or myself*.

Besides this permanent exhibition there was also one about chocolate. It is rather cruel… almost as an exhibition about sex. Anyway, at least we could try some qualities. And I made friends with that great Austrian icon of chocolate: the Milka cow.

Me and the Milka cow

* The movie Zatoichi (2004) comes to mind… at least two times in the movie you see what happens when a n00b tries so much to draw a katana sword (LOL, the spell correction at WordPress doesn’t know the word “katana”… maybe it should see the movie sometime).


3 Responses to “Don’t have a cow, man!”

  1. emmysuperstar said

    …oh..well..the purple milka cow reminds me of…you..oh damn…I was on diet, when you tried to offer me some tasty chocolate…what a shame..did I refuse? oh…chocolate…

    how are you, then??

  2. Yes, well, it’s not everyday I go into the kitchen and find a girl singing lovely. It would only be fair that I’d offer something in return.

    Everything is OK around here, with the first snow and all… and a huge bar of Milka on my fridge 😀

  3. Pico said

    só tu mesmo…
    o querido rapaz que nos trazia chocolate à noite:)

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