Noon: A Secret Told by Objects at Ars Electronica 2007

September 18, 2007

This year’s Campus 2.0 exhibition at Ars Electronica was full of great projects and installations, with provoking concepts and very neatly presented*. As part of the exhibition, Interface Culture made a lot of fans. I kid you not. If I weren’t from Interface Culture already (something that makes me suspicious of self-interested flattery) I would have wanted to be. That Massage Me game controller… I just have to have one. I got a badge, though. It’s comforting.

Although not always available, that creepy table with the candles around it had it’s share of merit. Ahem. Even when nothing particularly particular was happening there, it caugh many an eye. Then again, it was right at the entrance.

Photo by neuerordner

Now it’s “thank you” time.

  • For all the people** involved in putting together the great Campus 2.0 exhibition: I know who you are and I’m glad I do, thank you very much for the great work and company!
  • A special thanks for all the people who presented their works at Campus 2.0, for providing so many excellent things to keep visitors busy while I repaired Noon’s wearable interface*** 🙂
  • For all those people who got to don that unique black leather bracer and to probe the memories hidden within the Novaks’ belongings, thank you very much for playing.
  • To those people who not only did the previous but also played for more than ten minutes, it’s definitely for you that this game was made, thanks for enjoying our work.
  • For all those people who didn’t get to don that unique black leather bracer because there was none such thing there at the time, thank you for your patience.
  • For all those that took pictures of the installation, thank you for taking pictures; can you please send some?
  • For all those that I forget to thank, please send me an email. I’m sure there has been a mistake in editing.

And that’s it for today. Don’t forget to check out the project page.

* After the two first days you get kind of used to the cardboard stuff, honest. You even seem to start… liking it. And then, one cold September day, everything is gone.

** Well, not all… “for all” is used as figure of speech here. Some particular individuals managed to behave so… hmm, how to say… innadequately… that they deserve a post of their own. In a really bad blog, that is. I mean, worse than mine, at least.

***For those confused by the jest, I really, really liked all those great works I saw (and coexisted with, for several days).


2 Responses to “Noon: A Secret Told by Objects at Ars Electronica 2007”

  1. Rute said

    Congratulations for the work. I hope that we can someday see it were in Lisbon too.

  2. Thanks. I hope we can see it around the world and play with more than a table 🙂

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