Throwing down the Gauntlet… to myself

May 31, 2007

Between the InStory Client for mobile phones at the IMG and everything else at Interface Culture, there is certainly no lack of work to be done. Producing my best impish smile, I may say that at least it’s a lot of cool work.

As far as the InStory Client is going (not as far as I would like though, *sigh*) I am really into Java ME. Turning a blind eye at some annoying disadvantages, the process of developing an app is really rather straightfoward. And if you, like me, have those moments that are not so much of lazyness but rather of urging to go further, there’s plenty of google’able examples for almost every thing you’d want your app to do. Nevertheless, use them at your own risk. I find it convenient to remind myself often that copy-paste’d code may need some further adjustments.

Still, the InStory Client is mostly about programming right now. That doesn’t sound very exciting or cool, but once I run the emulator it gets cooler all the time. Even when it doesn’t work quite as I expected 😉

As for “everything else at Interface Culture“… where to start?

Ok, a poster on a first prototype for a ubiquitous game controller – dibbed Gauntlet – has been accepted for PerGames 2007, to take place in Salzburg from June 11 to june 12. I am working hard now to be able to show something other than the poster – namely a very prototypical thing. Given that it’s a wearable interface I tell you, this is quite the challenge. Thus the title of this post. But more on the Gauntlet later.

And then there is research work for the PhD. Designing, building, testing and showcasing this first prototype provides some valuable insight I might notget otherwise. But there are still over a hundred papers, articles and books to read and an extensive cataloguing of interactive artworks to be done, also. Ouch, I’m starting to have a big headache again…

Also, I am finishing an article for a book on Knowledge-Based Interaction Design. The article presents an overview of ubiquitous, pervasive and mixed-reality games and some less common interfaces found in both Art and Science projects that could be applied in such forms of gaming. I will reveal a bit more as soon as things are properly instanced 🙂


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