Systematic Chaos

May 31, 2007

As a Dream Theater fan it’s a real hed-banging pleasure to hear their latest album Systematic Chaos. Some prog’ified trash-metal riffs kind of remebre me of Metallica sometimes… until the truly prog stuff comes in and James LaBrie starts singing. What has gotten into these people to make such a ballsy, dark album? It’s always hard to pick a favoritesong or album and this one makes it even harder… my favourite album so far had been Scenes From a Memory. After this, I’m quite not sure anymore, really.

But better than that just sitting here, mouth agape, listening to such a treat is to have a ticket for their gig here in Linz. I will possibly run full gamut between a histerical fanboy and a hard-core headbanger at the concert, believe me. I just hope no one is taking pictures 🙂


One Response to “Systematic Chaos”

  1. It’s a really good album, but I’m not sure that it is their best

    (and you can definitely hear the Metallica riffs around …)

    Abraço 🙂

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