Quick note on plant reproduction

May 3, 2007

Ahhh Spring! The love, the bees and the trees… what a colorful, romantic season, no? But then, as butterflies flutter and birds cheerfully chirp, Tiago comes along and begins to sneeze. A lot.

So I am allergic to pollen. Me and some other couple of millions of people or so. It is terrible not to be able to fully and carelessly enjoy the charming Spring season, associated long walks and picnics on open-air and whatnot. A gods-damned nerd trait, this allergy that subtly makes it better to stay home and play Zelda on the Wii (I wish, I haven’t bought it yet) than going out for ice-creams and bike rides!

Something just hit me, however. Animal reproduction isn’t as messy and disgusting as some people may think – unless, well, you’re watching one of those very old Cicciolina porn movies, but that can hardly be called reproduction at all. Plants are far messier than animals. They go around (well, in the figurative way) spraying their reproductive cells all over the place, promiscuously reproducing, defying any law that another (supposedly more intelligent) living creature may come up with in the name of decency. I suppose that if we were to go around covering all trees and plants with our own reproductive cells they wouldn’t like it that much. Maybe some would develop an allergy. And start sneezing.

Now please excuse me, I have to go and blow my nose…


One Response to “Quick note on plant reproduction”

  1. shizue said

    ola thiago! que bom que vem visitando meu blog! volte sempre! 🙂

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