PhD, Wii, Crossing Europe and Ars Electronica – weekly update

April 29, 2007

Now that I am feeling a bit sick, let’s have a quick update of things, starting with my first interface prototype, then lamenting not playing Wii more often, followed by a quick note on a film festival and finishing with Ars Electronica stuff.

Work on my pervasive game controller prototype is progressing. Having been somewhat discouraged from using the Arduino environment, I was still stubborn enough to get it working – even when I didn’t have the patience to wait for friendly guidance at the forum and decided to re-write the software serial communications on my own (having, as usual, complicated too much). Much still has to be done, but I am hoping to present and discuss my approach at PerGames 2007 in Salzburg. Anyway by then the prototype will be in a more advanced state.

Haven’t had much time to play Wii. Anyway, after quickly (and in some ways painfully) finishing Rayman Raving Rabbids I was kind of disappointed with the ending. But whenever I can I love to play the rail shooter games. I was a fan of rail shooter back in the arcades (my favourites were Time Crisis and House of the Dead) but then came the first-person-shooters and so the arcades were abandoned in favour of the PC. Now using a Wii remote provides a much more intuitive way I think than the typical WASD-and-mouse ever did. So even if my character (Rayman, in this case) is stuck to rails, it is fun nevertheless. But I acknowledge it will get old very fast.

The Crossing Europe Film Festival has been taking place here in Linzthis last week. Altough I appear in one of the short movies I haven’t seen even one. Today is the last day of festival and my last chance of watching even a single movie, and I feel sick. Let’s see how this goes.

What I had the opportunity of attending however was the Ars Electronica Center party that marks the closing of the old space. They are extending this space and making it as flashy and colorful so as to rivalize with the Lentos – right in front of it, on the other bank of the Danube – and provide very colorful headaches to the casual passer-by. The highlight of this party was maybe the sale of o and not-so-old stuff for 1€ a piece. I walked out of there with a really nice (and bulky) CRT monitor.

Speaking of Ars Ectronica, do check out the news about Quell.Code (Source.Code) for SAP Berlin. Visitors are guided to the Visitor Center by a stream of data inhabited by playful data creatures. Too cool to explain properly, just read it for yourself. Altough having participated in the software engineering, I have yet to see it with my own eyes.

© Ars Electronica Linz GmbH


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