Il y a tout ce que vous voulez…

April 19, 2007

…aux Champs-Elysées!

Well maybe not every single twisted thing someone like me might want, but there is a lot for sure. Joe Dassin couldn’t be wrong.

I’m just back to my cheap hotel room in Epinay sur Seine and my feet hurt like hell. This will be a very short vacation in Paris (and painful, if I don’t start using le metro) and a very lonesome one to. And I’m kind of frustrated that I didn’t get to see half of the Louvre. Damn!

Last week I was back in Portugal to visit my family and friends. Unfortunately, as always, I got so caught up in work that there wasn’t much time for matar saudades – or “to kill homesicknesses” as Google Language Tools would say, altough saudade is pretty much impossible to fully translate in less than three hudred words or so.

Still I had time to play with my sweet niece, throw (not literally) a late birthday dinner with the few of my friends that managed to show up, go to Bairro Alto and even to Costa de Caparica to meet the rest of the crew and also to have a dinner with my family.

Nevertheless it *totally sucks* not having had time for more!


2 Responses to “Il y a tout ce que vous voulez…”

  1. Pat said

    Oh, muy triste saber que fue solitario el viaje! Yo he querido ir a Francia siempre pero no tengo referencias de cuán costoso pueda ser… que probablemente sea lo menos importante pero tan obtaculizante! Mala suerte lo del dolor, pero pues es la mejor manera de conocer una ciudad, además con el dolor es más dificil olvidarla, jaja.

    Le dejo mi correo (, igual y me platicas su experiencia para planear mi viaje! Un beso.


    (por cierto, qué desconsiderada soy, ni sé si hablas español! ojalá que si!!!)

  2. Ana Maria said

    Maybe next time you can take me… I live in US, I am from Portugal and was, am, and will always be in love with Joe Dassin…

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