Ubiquitous zombies and a… possessed toy?

January 23, 2007

At the USC Interactive Media Division it’s cool to play ubiquitous games with zombies, and make use of possessed toys as narrative channels.

So, what if someone had to cross a football field located on a university campus while there was a game going on, to run from an ever-increasing (yet virtual) horde of bloodthirsty, brain-devouring zombies? That’s probably what is going to happen if you ever play something like MobZombies:

“MobZombies is a zombie-fleeing game where a player’s movement controls an avatar in the game space. Players run away from virtual zombies by actually running. (…) Just because there are no obstacles in the virtual world of the game doesn’t mean that there aren’t obstacles in the real world. Imagine running away from a zombie and realizing that the only way you can continue to evade it is by (…) running through the football practice field during a scrimmage.”

As for the possessed toy (as i call it) the name is Path of the Mad Prophet and it cleverly criticizes surveillance toys like the Pal Mickey:

“the Mad Prophet, includes an embedded mobile multimedia device which triggers the doll to play location-based audio clips (…) A visitor from another time, “The Mad Prophet” creates a series of hypothetical mappings, shadows from another place co-registered with time and space. His poetic musings imagine the impact of political or cultural changes to the mundane urban landscape of freeways and office towers.”

Soooo cooooool… it makes me think of stuff for my PhD. I’ve always wanted to try the “survival horror” theme on a pervasive game. Without having the players actually end up killing each other, that is. It seems tough on a first approach (mu-ha-ha-ha).

Keep up the good work guys.


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