Interface Culture Jam Session v1.0

January 14, 2007

Ever since I was around 14 I’ve been somewhat serious about playing keyboards and nowadays I can’t imagine myself without one for too long. Shortly after coming to Linz, my father sent me my M-Audio MIDI controller. Although severely limited in hardware – I run the VST host (Ableton Live Lite) on my laptop – I keep playing and having fun at it; but over time it gets frustrating to play alone.

One day my Brazilian colleague Ricardo suggested starting a band with Interface Culture students. I must admit being skeptical at first, but after we held our first jam session yesterday I must say I’m more of the opposite now.

The first Interface Culture Jam Session took place yesterday at the Lab with Andreas Weixler (guitar),  Se-Lien Chuang (keyboards), Junichi Kanebako (bass), Martin Oster (clarinet), Ricardo Nascimento (keyboards) and yours truly Tiago Martins (keyboards and improvised percussion).

I myself declare it a success. Next week, same place, same time. I will be there for sure, with my friend Delay Lama.


2 Responses to “Interface Culture Jam Session v1.0”

  1. cass said

    woooow. can i hear something from the ic band? or can i see a video. it sounds amazing. 🙂

  2. Getting to it Cass… I think Ricardo shot some videos – he’s the one who always does 🙂
    As for just audio, maybe next week’s session will be recorded.

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