Is Kolpinghaus… evil?

January 4, 2007

This was a comment posted some weeks ago on my blog:

Dear Tiago,
I’m truly appalled by your merciless criticism of Kolpinghaus. Aren’t you a bit too harsh? I agree that this “Wohnheim” is anything from weird to slightly uncanny but the label “evil” is undeserved. I lived there for a while and I still have some pleasant memories connected with it. Don’t you agree that Kolping’s employees are nice and helpful? They were to me, anyway. Thus, I simply don’t understand what made you so cross about the place.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie,


This reminds me that I previously promised a post dedicated to the Kolpinghaus. Since I never did disclose much about that place and my adventures there, many of you might be led to think this was some horrible place. Was it, now?

Of bloody course it wasn’t! To put it short, the Kolpinghaus was some sort of strange mix between fully-fledged hotel and expensive residence where I met some really nice people such as:

  • Beate and Anja, two lively German occupational therapists;
  • Danuta and Kasia, two very distinct Polish English teachers whom I had the pleasure of introducing to each other;
  • a girl with sad eyes that lived there because her parents beat the sh** out of her;
  • a really big chinese guy who’d leave the kitchen in a mess but was otherwise a very nice person;
  • Fritz Koll, the man in charge, who always had to translate my mails just as I had to do with his, and took a great part in (sort of) “kicking me out” of the place
  • the girls from the reception, both the ones who were temporarily there on Summer when the place was being fixed (Melanie and Christine) as well as the ones who are there now (my favourite was always Julia, hmm).

Besides meeting people, there were also some situations worth of notice like:

  • the first time I tried to find my room in a corridor where doors had no numbers; not even Melanie from the reception was sure wich room was 422 so I tried the key in almost every door;
  • having a glass stolen from the kitchen the very day I bought it; after this I opted by just carrying my stuff back and forth bertween my room on the fourth floor and the kitchen on the third;
  • a dinner with Danuta, Anja and Beate, where I was treated to a very nice song about men being pigs; I was very sensitive that night;
  • a breakfast at 7:30 am with a soundtrack of two Polish girls speaking to each other; they sounded like they would only have 5 more minutes to talk before the world would end.

So, my dear Di, taking all this into account you’re absolutely right. Thank you so very much for your comment! However, next time you post something here please do bear in mind the following :

1. the author’s notion of good, evil and the whole gamut in between is something that you may not be in a position to understand; most of the time not even the author fully grasps what happens in the multiverse beteen his ears;

2. the author is Portuguese and Portuguese people are known to complain a lot; that’s something that is strikingly made obvious through the melancholic Fado songs;

3. the author fully assumes himself as a melodramatic fool, even when he’s not drunk;

4. the author just moved to the Julius-Raab-Heim where, among other activities that make this a far more interesting place than the Kolpinghaus such as flirting cute Lithuanian girls, he can have dinner with his Portuguese friends and fellow students in Linz; by the way lots of hugs for Carlos, Mariana, Patricia and Carolina;

5. this blog (including all of the above) should always be taken with a grain of salt; the author himself would like to be taken with a bowl of whipped cream (preferrably by a red-head girl); nevertheless, “blog with a grain of salt” would be a good start.


2 Responses to “Is Kolpinghaus… evil?”

  1. anne wallace said

    Just found your blog post on Kolpinghaus. I am to travel to Linsz for three weeks in July 07 for a summer session with Transart Institute. Students are now trying to decide whether to book a stay there. Is breakfast included?

    You mentioned you moved to the Julius-Raab-Heim. Was there internet in the rooms? Do you have any contact info for there? Was breakfast included there? And in terms of size of room, features, ambience, whatever, which of the two places wins a higher unbiased ranking, (even if they were foolish enough at the Kolpinghaus to evict you!)

    Thanks and take care,

  2. Hi Anne,

    Good that you’re coming to Linz, it’s quite a nice place in my opinion.
    As for the Kolpinghaus, well, even having spent some good moments there I still have to say that it’s a strange mix between fancy and reclusive. Breakfast is included (although it’s something like from 7:00am to 8:30am) and the place is 10 minutes walk from the main square (Hauptplatz). No internet on the rooms, unless you sign a contract with Linz AG.
    The Julius Raab Heim is bigger, cheaper, with lots of young people and always much going on (except during holidays, when everyone goes home). It’s got internet in the rooms, a swimming pool, gym and restaurant, but no breakfast is included; and it’s also some 20 minutes from the main square by tram.

    So, higher unbiased ranking: Julius Raab Heim 😉

    Also, be sure to check other options at:

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