Scary games

November 19, 2006

Yes, this one is a must for gamers, especially for those who know how cool it is to spend many hours immersed in a good horror video game. One of my favourites of all times was Silent Hill – the first in the series, although some of the others were OK I guess.

Top 10 Scariest Video Games via TechEBlog

These are obviously also worth checking out. I came to know about a controversial game called “Custard’s Revenge”.

Top 10 Best and Worst Games of All-Time via TechEBlog


4 Responses to “Scary games”

  1. dakotah said

    tell everybody they xan burn in hell

  2. Oh but I keep telling everyone… “you XAN burn in hell, you XAN burn in hell”… but they always pretend not to be listening at all. It is sad, I know.

  3. […] I’m glad to see that Zombies Ate My Neighbors, a personal favorite, made to the list! Also you may want to check a previous post on the top ten scariest games. […]

  4. michelle said

    what the fuck are you talking about

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