Welcome to… uhhh… how do you read that?

November 9, 2006

Go ahead, read it out loud :)

Each time I try, it comes out differently. So that’s where I ended up after missing a train from Prague to Linz.

I joined Mika and Ingo on a flash-trip to Prague to attend one day of the Transgenesis art festival, part of annual “Week of Science and Technology” held by the Czech Academy of Sciences. In it we had the opportunity of hearing a really interesting presentation by Oron Catts, Artistic Director of Australian-based research lab SymbioticA. Among many other things he talked about the experience with Disimbodied Cousine and usage of living tissues and as a tools for artistic purposes. Also at the exhibition I got to experience the wonders of Interactive Plant Growing by Christa Sommerer (my very energical PhD supervisor) and Laurent Mignonneau. Unfortunately for me Lilith, an installation that renders virtual environments from viewers’ bio-signals was visibly giving it’s creators much trouble, and so I didn’t get to try it out. Maybe next time. Following are some pics from the exhibition: two of the exhibition space and one of an Interactive Plant Growing output.

Transgenesis exhibition space detail Transgenesis exhibition space Interactive Plant Growing output

So the next day all three of us had to get up early to get back in Linz. What happened was that we arrived running at the platform when the train was already departing. Just like one of those movie clichés I love. So instead of waiting for the next train we tried proceeding as much as possible towards Austria and ended up in this place, spending time before the next connection train. So I had the opportunity of playing tourist with the camera gently borrowed from the Interactive Multimedia Group. Here are some pics I took.

Somewhere in… what was the name again? Somewhere in Ceske Bujad… Buderaj… ahh dammit, I totally forgot! I’m naming my kids after this place… if they misbehave.


13 Responses to “Welcome to… uhhh… how do you read that?”

  1. Claire said

    I love your blog, because I’m searching for unique articles, and good content, what I’m interested in.

  2. Oh, I wish I had time to write down every cool thing I come across!

  3. Cindy said

    your blog is amazing. I have to visit it again.

  4. I guess this blog is becoming popular among internet bots with female names. If my mother finds out about this… 😀

  5. Suzie said

    I enjoy your articles. The good content is the key. I hope you have countless visitors.

  6. Now it’s Suzie. I kind of like the name, though. I wish I had such good feedback from real girls now.

  7. jonna said

    Personally, I dont understand how people dont get this…Anyway.

  8. Personally, I dont understand how people dont get this but thats another story

  9. james said

    That makes me so happy to hear!!! Good luck

  10. Personally, I never use more than one life on this if I understand this correclty. I just wonder why so many do not understand how this is. I guess that is the beauty of it all. Good post though!!

  11. This is becoming funnier by the day.

  12. Motherhood is not a simple, but unqiue time in life. It changes so many things and the way how you see the world. It is interesting to participate in the experiences of other women.


  13. Thanks Lisa (now I’m thanking bots, geez) but you should have posted that smewhere on my mother’s blog. If she had one, that is.

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