Brain Candy

October 18, 2006

So here I am, back from Portugal and already with a huge queue of “to read” material!

Anyway it’s been a busy week, but “busy” doesn’t have to mean it’s that bad. Actually I’m very excited about the lectures I’ve been taking here at the Interface Culture Lab, either from Prof. Sommerer or guest lecturers.

But the coolest thing this week was definitely the PhD student meeting, were I had the opportunity of hearing other PhD students preent their ideas and/or work in progress. I must say the subjects presented were very heterogenous and alsothey were discussed in such a way that has driven me to coin (I hope) the term “brain candy”.

What’s “brain candy”, you say? It’s much like eye candy‘s cousin, but meant for the brain. You should note however that eye candy tends to be a somewhat shallow thing. Well the brain candy, being intended for the brain, isn’t shallow at all. But it needn’t be exageratedly bookish and intellectual neither; what it has to be is sweet, textured, clever and especially witty! I love candy.

Back to the meeting, I also had the opportunity to present my own ideas and motivations. Do you want to know what they are about? I’ll tell, just let me publish something first OK? 😉

PS: Actually someone already came up with a similar expression (wich I assume means the same thing): Mind Candy.


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