Glad to be awake

October 4, 2006

Today I woke up at 7:20 am. I wanted to have breakfast with Danka, my Polish friend, and at the Kolpinghaus breakfast is only served until 8:00 am.

At 7:30 she called on my room’s phone and I went down to meet her. We also met another Polish girl and the three of us had breakfast together. I have to say that 7:40 am is kind of early for me to hear two girls speaking with each other in Polish. For a little while It sounded like the world was about to end and they would only have 5 minutes left to gossip šŸ™‚

After breakfast, and given that I don’t have a strict schedule right now, I went back to bed to sleep for another hour. I still have some trouble falling asleep at night so the extra hour of sleep was more than welcome. An hour later I woke up.

My eyelids were everything but glued. As I made a tremendous effort to open them I heard some movement. ‘The cleaning lady finally decided to come in while I was asleep’ I thought. She had made some previous attempts before, but usually when she opens the door and notices there’s some half-naked guy still sleeping inside she mumbles something and leaves. Now as my eyes were opening I perceived some movement. Something was half crawling, half sliding down the chair (the only chair in my room) in front of the desk. My eyelids finally complied, and I looked closer. It was some sort of spider-shaped plush toy with long, furry, limp legs. It slid onto the floor and there it stood, lifeless.

I got up. The wide window shed poor light, from a cloud-draped morning sky, as it did when I’d had gone back to bed. My laptop was closed on the desk, as it should be, and everything would have seemed normal except for some more colourful plush toys on the desk. ‘The cleaning lady brought her children along to work? What the hell happened here and how could it have happened without me waking up?’ were the first things popping up in my (still slightly numb) mind. Then I turned around towards the room door. To my surprise the hall was quite wide now and almost barring the way were a couple of desks, very simple ones – just like the ones in high-school – complete with some crayons and childish drawings. The bathroom entrance was somewhat strange and the closets and the room door had exchanged places and looked different; they all looked like they belonged to some basement storage room, not to a room at the Kolpinghaus, let alone to my room!

I thought of calling Danka to ask something like ‘come up to my room, you have to see this’! Then I woke up. I’d had been dreaming ever since I came back from breakfast and gone back to bed. I love these dreams, they look so real, they feel so real, and everything – I mean every single thing I can recall about my room – was as it was supposed to be, except for the hall. Now this reminded me of Silent Hill, a video game I really loved playing. Even now I still feel that I’ve become trapped in some sort of parallel universe. Please prove me wrong šŸ˜‰

A screenshot from Silent Hill 1


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