Toni – a transnational (nick)name

September 28, 2006

I had lunch at Nordsee many times during the Ars Electronica Festival this year. One of those times I came across something which strongly triggered remebrances of my dear homeland. Here’s a picture, worth a thousand words (ou apenas uns tostõezinhos, talvez*):

Toni - an icon of transnationality

Those of you out there that aren’t versed in the mysterious ways of the Portuguese – those many of you, if I may add – will probably not understand what this is all about. It’s all about that name behind the windshield. I jumped to the conclusion that maybe the driver would be the typical Portuguese immigrant, called António (which in Portugal is colloquialy reduced to Toni). For me the concept of the modern Portuguese truck driver would never be complete without a licence plate mockup with the driver’s nickname on it.

However there are a couple of elements missing: first and foremost, the typical Portuguese truck driver would have spelled it “Tony” because the Y, officialy unexisting in Portuguese names, would make it look cooler; second, the 80’s style calendar portraying a blond girl using too much hairspray and exhibiting impossibly huge, round, voluptuous, succulent breasts (sorry, got carried off there) is missing from the booth.

I’m pretty sure that there’s lots of details that are missing for this to be the typical Portuguese trucker’s vehicle. Any comments on that?


* roughly translated it should mean or just some small change, maybe; actually tostõezinhos refers to one of the smallest monetary units used in Portugal long before the Euro.


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