September 28, 2006

So here I sit at the Interface Culture Lab. Before you start asking “so why aren’t you working”, well…

If I were working you surely wouldn’t be reading this, because I’d never have written it, and thus you would probably be working. So let’s just not work together for a while and not ask any stupid questions, OK? Yes I know, I started it, my bad!

Well I’m almost getting my keys to the Lab. Isn’t that great? I’m just waiting for the guys who’re giving me the keys to get back to their office. Anyway, as I sit and wait I think of the deposit I had to pay for each key, roughly 22€. Since I’m having not one, not two nor even three but – yes, you got it quickly enough – four keys, I had to pay an 88€ deposit. Ouch! I thought they had already understood that I’m Poor-tuguese…

Asides from that I’ve been meeting lots of nice people around here. Great opportunities arise to meet (or at the very least merely observe) other people when you propose to help them out. So I’ve already lent a small hand in packing somethings after the exhibition at the Ars Electronica Festival, assembling some furniture for (what I hope will be) my future workspace and installing Windows on several brand-new computers – yes, it’s true, they don’t have only Mac’s here. Now maybe I should consider getting myself a freelance job as a handyman 🙂
I’ve also been starting up some background research on my work. I found someone who seems to be doing some work which has some similar points with mine. Her name (yes, of course it’s a “she”) is Jennica Falk, and I’m very curious about meeting her one day.


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