Move along…

September 26, 2006

I’m starting to consider changing the blog’s title to “Yesterday’s News” on account of having so many posts about “yesterday”. Any votes on that?

Now that I have been here in Linz for almost a month, time is coming to look back and feel glad that everything is going along fine. Except for one or two things. Or mabe three… no, four. Well nevermind me, I’m just paranoid about perfection sometimes.

To all of my friends who actually read my blog, I’m terribly sorry for not having taken many pictures already! I wanted to add a category called “people” to group all posts about social interactions here in Linz. Maybe I’ll start doing it right away.

I also wanted to post some pictures of me at the Ars Electronica Festival 2006 but I only have but a few. I’m still waiting to get my hands on all those pictures that Rute Frias and Prof. Nuno Correia took!

Well to make this blog a bit more colorful, here are some pics of Linz…

At the Linz Castle A street somewhere in Linz A street somewhere in Linz View from the Strom The Hauptplatz during Ars Electronica Festival 2006



2 Responses to “Move along…”

  1. rute said

    Yes, nice to finally see some Linz photos. Like the one with the sofa. Now I remember, I didn’t notice any urban degradation there (and I almost did the entire tram line!)

  2. I promise I will post more photos!
    And if you want to see some urban degradation just go to the old part of town (where most bars are located) on a Saturday night. You’ll have lots of photo opportunities of really young people “urbanly degradating” themselves… ahh this reminds me of Portugal 🙂

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