Cooking adventures – Episode 3 – Atomic chicken

September 25, 2006

It was Sunday and I got up late. Late for me now means 11am. My life has changed.

I didn’t want to take too much time cooking lunch; on the other hand I didn’t want to cook one of those quick soups (just add water and let cook for ten minutes) because I had a craving for something more… substantial. So I though about practicing on my rice and cooking some chicken legs, which had to be defrosted first.

Anyway, defrosting the legs was no biggie. The problem was that sweet Anja was also making her lunch and I really didn’t want to bother her (too much). Let me explain: last time, I tried frying the chicken legs using my trustworthy Tefal frying-pan and some oil; I made quite a mess because the oil kept popping and splashing around, risking to burn anyone in a 6 feet radius. Luckily it only burned me, no one else was using the stove then.

Now I didn’t want to make sweet Anja suffer such an atrocity. Being Sunday meant my patience for problem-solving was at a minimum so I opted by cooking the legs using the microwave.

I actually think  it might have come out right, if I hadn’t overdone it. Result: the chicken legs were overcooked (no pictures, sorry) and still I ate them. In spite of all that, the rice was yummy 😉 Next time I’ll throw in a whole chicken, some integrated circuits and let them cook even longer. If I actually create a monster, then I won’t feel compelled to eat it…

…will I?


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