Cooking adventures – Episode 1 – Rice

September 19, 2006

Yesterday I went back to the supermarket to buy more food. I’d publish my shopping list but I don’t have the time. One of the things I bought was rice.

So I tried cooking some rice. Nervously watching it cook, stirring it from time to time, I was perfectly convinced it wouldn’t come out right. For my astonishment, it actually did 😀

Of course I didn’t eat just the rice – I already did that a couple of days ago with “10-minute” sweet-and-sour rice that came packed because I thought it was a complete meal.

I had some pork chops with the rice; or was it the other way around? The problem with cooking meat isn’t actually the cooking, it’s buying it. Namely, knowing what you’re buying when you are an inexperienced cook such as I am and everything is in German.

This may sound stupid, but I’m going to cook the exact same thing again today. This is that part of learning where you improve rapidly (and also hungrily in my case) 🙂


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