Sunday in Austria

September 18, 2006

On Sundays all the shops are closed. Most people here in Austria don’t realize how strange this seems to me.

Being Portuguese I tend to think of Sundays as being days for going to church (I don’t), having lunch with the family and going for a walk (should read “going shopping”). So I always tell everyone here:

“If people in Portuguese cities came out on Sunday to find all the shops closed, there would certainly be civil war!”

Amen to that 😉


2 Responses to “Sunday in Austria”

  1. miss kitty said

    olha que há coisas bem mais interessantes para fazer num domingo que ir às compras… olha ir passear para um castelo, embora seja dificil encontrar tortas de azeitão… e sim, aki ao domingo as coisas tb estão fechadas (tipo Baixa)kisses

  2. At least Lisboa doesn’t turn into a ghost-town on Sundays; I wonder what will it be like here when it starts raining cats and dogs…

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