Botanischer Garten Linz

September 18, 2006

So yesterday was Sunday and all the shops were closed. I was considering dropping by the Interface Culture Lab to send some mails and write a post on my blog and, if I felt bold enough, read a couple or more papers.

Before leaving, I went to the residence kitchen to fix myself a sandwich. I was very pleased to meet this girl who actually spoke English very well. So it comes out that she’s from Poland, and a very nice person too (no giggling out there, I can hear you). It turns out that Sunday wasn’t so boring after all ’cause I found myself some company to go to the Botanischer Garten Linz (the city’s botanical garden) 😀
Now that I actually know someone who’s living there, the Kolpighaus doesn’t seem so bad.


3 Responses to “Botanischer Garten Linz”

  1. maria said

    yeah, i´m sorry, the truth is sundays in linz are very quiet! but you know, you should buy yourself a newspaper and sit down in “Draxlmaier”, drink a coffee and enjoy the silence!
    i hope you will have a lot of fun in linz!

  2. Thanks! I’ll check it out when I have the chance.
    Actually I have some newspapers, but they’re all in German :\
    On the other hand I have many articles to read…

  3. Valadas said

    You can allways participate in the 4-in-a-row internet championship! I hear it’s quite fun! 😛

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