Cooking adventures – prelude

September 16, 2006

Yesterday I went over to Uno, a big shopping mall outside town – which, however, isn’t as big as the Almada Forum, near to my sweet home back in Portugal – and I totally lost my head.

I went into a Woolworths shop and bought a lot of stuff. It was “a lot” for my standards anyway… when was the last time I bought such mysterious devices of culinary exploration such as a frying pan, a saucepan or even a pair of claw-like serving forks for salad?

And yes, I’m planning on eating salads… isn’t that hilarious? Well I’ve got to come up with an alternative when I repeatedly burn the rice 😉

So my first residence-cooked meal was an instantaneous noodlesoup. How charming, and I didn’t even like soup. This is definitely a time for major changes in my life 😛



I suppose I’ll be keeping you updated on my culinary endeavors. You have to understand that this was, in fact, a major breakthrough for me. LOL


2 Responses to “Cooking adventures – prelude”

  1. Zalecenia said

    a person who sings or scats along with dub music, as a verb, rain a djew; as a noun, djew rain. Dumb acts as if you have no common sense. Stupid.

  2. I rarely get such compliments! Thank you!
    One more thing, don’t sign your comments using “Stupid”, I bet your real name is actually very pretty.

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