Doin’ it with… dogs?!

September 12, 2006

I know the title sounds strange. But it’s all the fault of Yumiko Tanaka, I assure you.

I was browsing her site (I think it’s a she, I never know with Japanese names but there’s a female artist with the same name) which has many interesting projects and ideas, some of them awarded; however there’s one in particular that is, let’s say, very amusing. It concerns the joint use of mobile devices and… yep, you got it, “dawgs”!

The project is called Dog and Mobile Phone and here are some (joyfully commented) excerpts from the description page:

“Social dog meeting for owners, chat room via dogs. Extending the social contact between owners beyond the leash.” – I think Yumiko has just coined the terms “Chat Via Dog” and “Beyond The Leash”;

“When woman have to wait a bus alone at midnight. She can call dog and let them wait with her.” – you know, I think it’s always good to have company, even if it’s a dog at midnight;

“When children have to go out without adult, it might be safer with dog.” – yes it might be, it prevents the children from peeing on the wrong trees, sniffing the wrong butts or crossing the streets without looking first.

In spite of the humorous comments, this idea has moved me and for its sheer… craziness… it has what comedians call “staying power”. Cheers Yumiko =)


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