Too much schnitzel?

September 11, 2006

One of the things that concerns me the most about being far from home is food. Much by my fault, I am very inexperienced in the (yet mysterious) art of good cooking; besides, things at the Kolpinghaus residence are far from stable – yes, the Kolpinghaus will yet have many posts of its own in this blog – and that doesn’t do much for my will to try and actually cook something.

Ever since I found a very nice sushi buffet (thank you, Prof. Nuno Correia) everyday I am confronted with the task of resisting an enormous urge to spend 8,50€ stuffing myself with sushi. Given that no one in my family is filthy rich (as far as I know, at least) I have to find cheaper alternatives.

One such alternative is what I may consider the Austrian fast-food: the marvelous schnitzel. So today I went to this fast-schnitzel place and got myself a very decent high-cholesterol meal – in some way to make up for all the healthy raw fish I’ve been eating. Shame I only remembered to take a photo when I had already eaten most of it :\



One Response to “Too much schnitzel?”

  1. Valadas said

    Heheheheheheh…. 😉

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